Pastor’s Corner

18 But the words you speak come from the heart—that’s what defiles you. Matthew 15:18 (NLT)

February is the Love Month.  It’s the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  We are more intentional about expressing and showing love to those who we are concerned about.  Here is something that we need to be mindful of, not only during February – Love Month – but every month, every day.  We need to be careful of and intentional about the words that we speak.

Many times, we do the appropriate things at the appropriate times, to fit the appropriate occasion, but the words which we speak can tear all that appropriateness down.   Jesus admonishes us to guard our hearts, not that muscle that pumps blood throughout our bodies, but our sense of self.  Guard your attitudes and your thoughts.  If that aspect of the heart is kept in line with the purpose of God, then the words which come from our mouths will be Kingdom glorifying and God Worthy.

An intoxicated person may often say some regrettable things and later apologize, saying, “O, I didn’t mean that.  It was the alcohol talking.”  No, the alcohol just released that person’s inhibitions and enabled him or her to speak what was really in his or her heart.

Be careful of what you say.  However, be more careful of what you allow to be harbored in your innermost being.


 Dear God, help me to guard against allowing negativity to take up residence in my innermost being, so I won’t be tempted to speak hurtful things.  Amen.


Pastor JJ